Act Outs offers a range of one-to-one classes. We can tailor sessions to your needs and what your end-goal is. Glyn Connop, the founder of Act Outs has thirty years of experience as a professional actor, a workshop leader and a teacher. And on numerous occasions helped students through examination auditions, actors through audition techniques or corporate professionals who need help in how to deliver a speech.
Below is a list of one-to-one classes that we can offer:

  1.  audition technique 
  2.  drama GCSE
  3. drama A-Level
  4.  speech delivery
  5. vocal projection
  6. audition practice
  7. preparing speeches
  8. presentation techniques
  9. rehearsing wedding speeches
  10. audition preparation for children 
  11. audition preparation for a casting

Whatever your needs, we can tailor to it. For more information contact us on or directly on our Whatsapp


35 GBP per hour