Act Outs Online has been running weekly ESL conversational classes for quite some time now. Through our extensive library of books every week students will receive a Vimeo link to one of our filmed books. It will be the job of the students to study the story within the week. Then, in our live Zoom class, they will have the chance to tell the story in English. We would discuss the themes of the book, the structure of the stories and what the true message of the book is. Through this creative approach to ESL conversational classes our main focus is to build students’ confidence and improve their vocabulary.

We run individual classes and group classes. In any group there will be no more than four students. For more information contact us at

Act Outs Online is proud to be in a partnership with Flick Through English, an ESL initiative utilizing “extensive reading” technique for learning English as a second language. Act Outs Online provides an additional drama component to lessons run by Flick Through English.

For more information please go to: or contact us on or